The Jersification of America

Current status of the Jersification Takeover (07/24/2021)

Nickname: real chicks

Nickname: Guido Stewie

"Im Gonna Rule The World"

Nickname: Finding Guido

Nickname: Guido Woody n Buzz

"Theres a Guidet In My Boot"

Nickname: Kaleo Styleeee

"im the only Hawaiian Gorilla Juice Head! GTL baby"

Nickname: Deena

Nickname: red carpet guidette

Nickname: allen

Nickname: obama the guido


Nickname: phill

Nickname: bi-Winning!

"why is charlie sheen the best guido ? bcuz hes biwinning"

Nickname: the other Justin Guido

Nickname: g baby

"im a beastly g"