The Jersification of America

Current status of the Jersification Takeover (09/17/2021)

Nickname: the guy :)

Nickname: Aleno

Nickname: jersey shorely dead

"jersey shore doesn't look so good now huh?! "

Nickname: cool cats

Nickname: muscle man dan


Nickname: gangsta girl

"coolio "

Nickname: rashana

Nickname: sal ( salvador)

Nickname: sawgger

Nickname: jersey"s the name

"yea im the bestttt "

Nickname: Dj PaulyD number 2.

"I make the best live music in the house an on the shore :D the biggest fan from germany <3 seaside heights 4ever !!! thx :*******"

Nickname: gangsta model

"best believe it!"

Nickname: mati K-po