The Jersification of America

Current status of the Jersification Takeover (07/24/2021)

Nickname: Guidette Dog

"woof woof! "

Nickname: GTL Party!

"We GTL all day long and Fist Pump all night long!"

Nickname: Fist Pumpers!

"We getin' ready for the club! Any Guidettes DTS?"

Nickname: The Stud

"It's t-shirt timmeeeeeeeee............."

Nickname: Gillo the french Guido

"Ever seen French GTL? I'm da real deal! "

Nickname: Persian Guido

"Ladies can't get enough of me!"

Nickname: Guido Dog

"Who cares if I'm short. I'm Italian! Capice?"

Nickname: Guidette Cat

"Meow meow. Who likes kitty?"

Nickname: Smush Heros

"We smash all da time! We always have the highest score on the smush board! GTL!"

Nickname: da diva

Nickname: gurl

"im happy to do anything that will make me look better"

Nickname: D-smooth

"Ladies love the D"

Nickname: Guidette Fam

"spreading the guido genes yo!"