The Jersification of America

Current status of the Jersification Takeover (07/24/2021)

Nickname: esteban

"pump it!! "

Nickname: merrbear

Nickname: gsqbydvh

"its d-rose "

Nickname: Tony Bologna

"Cause I'm really from New Jersey!!! "

Nickname: twin guidette

Nickname: guidette snook

Nickname: Vito the Guido

"look at me ma"

Nickname: vero

"i like to pump it!!!"

Nickname: Roxana

Nickname: 2yr old Kiernan fist pump

"because the "situation" is in my diaper. "

Nickname: Fabby D

Nickname: Guidettttttttte

"Cuz "

Nickname: mel wowwwww

Nickname: Perez Guido

"Casting for Jersey Shore Season 4. Pick me!"

Nickname: mowens

"because im texan! "

Nickname: Lil Guido

"cuz "