The Jersification of America

Current status of the Jersification Takeover (09/17/2021)

Nickname: BABY PAULY D

"because i was born a guido "

Nickname: Da fatso

"cause girls love me so matter how big i am"

Nickname: crunk baby

"i get crunk"

Nickname: Adam

Nickname: Sonny boy

"i am only 13 and i got so much bitchs "

Nickname: Fitty

"Yeaah Buddy!!Theres a new bitch in da gam'!xd "

Nickname: uncle guido

"i look like A natural"

Nickname: cena and randy

"they r supper HOT! "

Nickname: pauly d

"hooking up witj girls, an shiwing them my 6 pack and they get crazy about it "

Nickname: Dee(:

"im sexy "

Nickname: lil situation

"im cool like paule d"

Nickname: drunk lailany

"i get crunk"

Nickname: sthhhhhhammyyy

"u cant beat da baby "

Nickname: snookims