The Jersification of America

Current status of the Jersification Takeover (09/17/2021)

Nickname: mookie

"i have a poof on my head, i wear diamond shades, and a diamond nose stud. I love anything pink or sparkly, and i adore puppies!"

Nickname: justguido

"oh yeah"

Nickname: paulyd

"cuz im sexy"

Nickname: erin

Nickname: snooki /sarah starke

"i look like snooki"

Nickname: lovie

"bc "

Nickname: [email protected] off gurl

Nickname: Cookie

Nickname: its me bitchessss

"adfghklljghkkzgkfghhhhggffffgvgghhbzxcbbgjhbn zxcbnnghjhjjjklllcvxxvnm m sfhhjjklk n "

Nickname: dog pound

"my dog has a plastic surgery smile haha"

Nickname: big z