The Jersification of America

Current status of the Jersification Takeover (09/17/2021)

Nickname: pup mup lik a cupa

"because im a dog"


Nickname: Og baby

"yes i no i look gooooood;))))) yes i am hot and i no am seeexy and nooooooooooo it.o fuuuuuuuhck 💂😲😲😲youheheheeee😲😲😲"

Nickname: ms og

"It is T-shert timeeeeeeeeeeeeem😜😜😜"

Nickname: og

"cus i'm sexy and i no it😜😜😜😜😜----;) "

Nickname: Deena

"You like the boobs!?"

Nickname: kez

" b "

Nickname: Jenni JWOWW

"After I have sex with a guy I will rip there heads off"

Nickname: Nicole Snooki

"I'm going to the Jersey Shore bitch! "

Nickname: Sammi Sweet-Heart

"I'm the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet"

Nickname: me-tan

Nickname: ash

Nickname: bling dog

"im da best cuz i has poof"

Nickname: fist pump cham

"look at meh body "