The Jersification of America

Current status of the Jersification Takeover (09/17/2021)

Nickname: bro

"cuz im 12"

Nickname: the predicament

"cuz im hott "

Nickname: hkl


Nickname: H-WOW!!!

"Its jersey bitches!!<3"

Nickname: woah!

"d amn "

Nickname: woah!

"d amn "

Nickname: JBiebs

"aye Yo Wazz Up Day Call Me Jbiebs Im The Best Guido Cause I knoe U Hatin Right now!!"

"yupp got some barcesss"

Nickname: joe

Nickname: hexxloce

Nickname: alvin and the guidos

Nickname: aaaaaaa

"i rock"

Nickname: ksnook

Nickname: jayo