Jersify Yourself!

Jersify for the iPhone + Touch

Ever wonder how you'd look as a Guido?

Jersify is a photo app that turns you into a Guido or Guidette in seconds! Now you can look like you've just been to the Jersey Shore no matter where you are!

The Blowout! The Poof! The Shades! The Gold! The Juice! The Tan! And much, much more. Jersify has over 100 options for jersifying yourself, your friends, your family, and even your pets! Our research has shown that just about anyone looks better once jersified!

*note: Jersify is comptabile with all ethniticies*

✓ Two Jersify Modes: Guido and Guidette!
✓ Tanning Functionality. Get the ultimate tan on your GTL inspired photo!
Teeth Whitening Functionality. Get your teeth sparkly white for maximum contrast!
✓ Get featured in the Guido Gallery and get Fist Pump votes! Top photos get featured on the Jersify Smush Board!
✓ Save to iPhone or share via Email, Twitter, Facebook, or though the new Guido Gallery!
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Get a Jersey Shore Tan with Jersify!

Great news! Tanning functionality has been added to Jersify. Now you can add an amazing tan to your Jersified photos! GTL baby!

Jay Leno Jersified

Become a Guidette with Jersify!

Oh yes! Now every girl can look like a Jersey Shore Guidette without the bother and expense of shopping, tanning, going to the nail salon, or hair poofing! Checkout the new update to the app!

Kelly Jersified

Nickname: dggfjhcjgđhdrjhfuy